Mason Jar Kitchen: Dinosaur Gingerbread Cookies

DInosaur Gingerbread Cookies This week’s Mason Jar Kitchen: Dinosaur Gingerbread Cookies. 

I’ve been away for awhile, but trust me you’ll hear all about it. This past four weeks has been one tease after another—apartment hunting, apartment crushes, roommate crushes, prospective job crushes, actual crushes, the holidays and the cough-that-would-not-go-away—so many excuses, excuses. But you’ll get all the juicy details soon enough—I’ve never been this resilient before! Setbacks suck at the time, but make for good stories later. From the wise words of Nora Ephron’s mother: “Everything’s copy.”


I hope you’ll forgive me when you sit down with your batch of, that’s right, Dinosaur Gingerbread Cookies. [Get the recipe here!] from this week’s Hello Giggles MJK. I’ve been dying to put my dino cookie cutters to good use this holiday season, and here it is: my own version of the Paleo Diet. Make sure to check out the post on and if you love it, leave your thoughts in the comments!








Carrot Halwa (Gajar Halwa)

carrot halwa, gahar halwa, indian dessert

Thanks to carrot halwa there’s hope for my future little Bengali kids.  Continue reading →

Mason Jar Kitchen: Apple Pie In Jars

????????Cute single serving desserts Mason Jar apple pies ????????????????????From this week’s Hello Giggles MJK: “Mason Jar Apple Pies” is now live!

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to make pie in a jar. It feel pretty awesome to check this of the wish-list.  Continue reading →

Warm Rooted Home Remedies: Ginger-Lemon Tea + Turmeric Milk

Anti-inflammatory home remedies

I bet you know someone with a cold right now, if not yourself—it’s that time of year. Stock up on zinc lozenges and good old OJ.

Even though I was referring to flu season, I’m about to share with you two elixirs that give me instant relief for any aliment. Continue reading →

Slated! Brooklyn Slate Company #Giveaway


You can thank Brooklyn Slate Company for sponsoring the latest #pluckygiveaway that’s gotten me super thrilled! Continue reading →

Bridget Jones’s Birthday Dinner (Blue Potato Leek Soup, Darcy’s Rescue Omelets, Orange Pudding and Caperberry Relish)

bjbirthdaydinnertitle A month ago my Friend had her 26th birthday, but this post isn’t about her, it’s about Bridget Jones—that’s what Friend would prefer.

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Orange Pudding


Bridget intends to make an orange dessert that really ends up being a bowl of marmalade.  As it should be, we made orange pudding with marmalade on top.

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Caperberry Relish


Caperberries must be readily available in the UK. Are they as common as dill pickles? Londoners, help me out. How else would Bridget Jones think to make a gallon-size pot of caperberry gravy for her birthday feast? Continue reading →

Bridget Jones’ Blue Potato Leek Soup

blueleeksoupThe iconic blue soup.  Bridget Jones  makes a birthday dinner for her friends, and of course she makes a mess of it.

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Mark Darcy’s Rescue Omelets for Bridget Jones (Souffle Omelets)


Friend’s birthday fell on the 17th Day of #eggs4dinner making it perfectly fitting to have a Bridget Jones’ birthday dinner with Mark Darcy’s emergency omelets. Continue reading →